Friday, November 10, 2006

What do YOU want to be when you Grow Up?

“Where do you see yourself at 30?” asked my high school Language Arts teacher. My response was quit automatic “I will be in a large corner office with two full walls of windows.” I could totally picture myself in this luxurious office of power. He asked how that works in my current plans for the future. Huh? What? It really didn’t fit at all. What in the world made me say that? Since I was five years old I had planned on getting married, having a dozen children and be a stay at home Mom. Where did this spur of the moment gibberish come from?!

Well, as it worked out, in my early 20s I started working as an Administrative Assistant. I worked my way up to Executive Assistant and went to as many classes as I could fit in to limited schedule. By 30 years old I was working in a very lucrative career but still playing catch up from a lesser financial past. Almost ten years later I feel I can relax, I have made it! [knocking on wood]

As for the children, well I wanted 100 babies when I was five years old but I settled on three.

When did my plans change? Was it this question that brought out my inner desire? Did it make me realize there were other options? I know when I started high school I did not want to be a career woman. Whatever the reason I am happy where I am today.


Pageant Mom said...

That is probably the one question for which I am still searching for an answer... I just deleted everything I wrote (it was too long...I think you've given me food for thought for my next blog :o)

I've clawed my way through the corporate beauracracy and I'm still trying to figure out why...?
(well, with the exception of pension, 401k, medical insurance, Sam's club membership (can't go without THAT!....)

...or maybe, I really just don't want to grow up!!!!

MommasWorld said...

Never be afraid to post as much of a post as you like here. I know a few bloggers discurage it but I personally do not care how short or long a post is.

I wanted to be a stay at home Mom but something over took me. I am a working Mom and actually loving my job!

I clawed my way through the beauacracy by going to company classes but mostly taking the initiative to learn more software programs on my own or from a co-worker. I did pay for lunch a few times to have a co-worker sit through their lunch hour to show me the set ups of the programs. Must have 20 minutes of chit chat in the one hour of lunch and learn. People skills and being a real human with your co-workers is a must...we are all human, we all need an ear sometime or other.

MommasWorld said...

Forgot to say...when I grow up, my children will be grown and I just might start taking the job offers to go out of country for our country. I know I will not be crazy enough to live and work outside of the US but I could work for the US in countries I would feel safe in. Imagine being 55 and working in Ireland for the US. That would be my dream job.

Lahdeedah said...

I think I'm going to go back to work. I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I am um, ha ha, not doing well at it. The kids are almost ready for school. I figure next fall, after we are settled in Colorado and the boys are in pre-school is a good time, with my eldest in school.

Oh and 15 boxes left to unpack? Oh man. I used to love when the moving truck pulled up. I haven't even left here and I'm dreading it!