Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Children are Sponges

Little children are such sponges! After Snow White and her older siblings watch a Japanese show with English subtitles she starts singing the songs from the show in Japanese! She also seems to remember some of the words from the show and what they mean.

A weird thing happened when Man Son and I watched a 13 disk series of a Japanese show with English subtitles. After the first two disks I got up to make more snacks while still listening in to the show. Then it hit me! I knew what was going on without seeing the screen! For the rest of the duration I no longer needed to look at the subtitles!

Am I a genius? Did I actually learn Japanese after only watching two episodes of the thirteen part series? Nope, not at all, I could not remember one word of Japanese. I could not repeat any of the millions of words I had heard let alone tell you what any of them meant. Ok, I know hello and thank you but I knew that when I was a teenager which was half my life ago. I am resigned to believe I have a very full and lazy brain that just did not want to read the subtitles.

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