Thursday, June 12, 2008

I have made a decision to out myself.

I have been away from my blog for a long time trying to recuperate from all that went on in May (see the list here).

First I became ill. Then I got better. A co-worker has now introduced a new illness he brought from out of the country. My whole office is now ill. Oh, and I am going on vacation starting Friday. With this terrible awful illness. Reservations have been made and everything was paid in advance. What’s a girl to do? Pray that I am feeling much, much better by Friday night.

That’s right. I was going to out myself, not completely…yet. Although in the next post (ok not the next post but it is coming) you will find out my true first name, my last name has changed a few times since then. No, I am not ready to put that out there for all the internet just yet. Also, I googled my name and so many “others” came up that I feel safe.

My sister was visiting last month and for some reason I started to have vivid recollections of a particular season in my life. During that portion of my life I went through extreme highs and lows. It was the happiest times and the worst of times. It was the most painful time of my life for several reasons but I also remember the blissful happiness. While writing the next few posts I realized how very sheltered my childhood was, even as a teenager. Perhaps all the joy and pain were felt so incredibly as this was the first time in my life I would experience them.

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