Saturday, May 03, 2008

Time, Is Not On Your Side….Not On My Side…

Time, Is Not On Your Side….Not On My Side…
I have been “busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest” lately and neglecting my blog, terribly. There are times when I think I can blog a little but then I realize it is midnight.

Here is what has had me so busy lately.

At the office, My work load has tripled.

Auntie D’s Birthday dinner where the family meets her boyfriend and Aunt C shows how angry crazy she is.

My Name is now a curse word in 7 countries

The search for ManSon’s car.

I had a visitor from Germany! A fellow business woman on her first trip to the US. She is so much like me in business and as a Mom.

ManSon brought home a stray…Person.

Special meeting at Snow White’s school - She might have special needs.

Yeah! I have a new co-worker to help lighten my work load. Well, he will be very helpful after I train him.

A trip to plan for Oldest Daughter & ManSon’s Birthdays

Snow White’s Birthday - Trying to keep it simple may be more work for me than last year and actually cost more! UGH!

Oldest Daughter’s Senior Prom

Oldest Daughter’s Graduation

Super Weekends with Grandma and Grandpa

Insurance Companies may start to look at me sideways

The IRS Thanks me. And Says Hurry Up! We need to give you Money!

Disney Trip coming and I need advise…lots of advise!

Brownies - Loving it!

Death in the Family

Why people wear onions on their ears

Shopping for a new car - Again

No professional can fix my electrical problems (still going on today!) Scratch that it was fixed by me today

I get kicked out of a craft store by their knee cap breaking bouncers

All of this along with my normal day ….

I have not disappeared off the face of the earth. I will return with details on all the above. Hopefully this week. I am sure no one missed me but I truly miss all of you. I have tried to comment in between the time I sleep and bathroom breaks. Don’t worry, I did wash my hands before the few comments I did manage to leave.


Lisa said...


And my list was stress inducing?

I now have to have a lie down...


Join me, leave the world, wear ugly floppy hats and grow container tomatoes :).

Lisa said...

SO Lisa = Lahdeeda


NO idea why it's saying 'Lisa' though.

I feel like blogger is messing with my head ha ha ha.

Daisy said...

Time = Supermom's Kryptonite. So says my husband, at least. Your post reinforces the idea.

Pageant Mom said...

Don't feel bad.

I swear everyday that I'm living in dog years.

Glad you are back!!


Worker Mommy said...

Whew, I was exhausted just reading that.

Whiskeymarie said...

I want to hear about getting kicked out of a craft store- brilliant!