Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Japanese Tea Party Birthday

There once was a little princess who was entranced by all things Asian.

She thought of how wonderful it would be to have her friends over for Tea.

She searched high and low for the perfectly beautiful tea for her guest.

A delictible pastry perfection of Black Forest Chocolate with Raspberry filling and Cheesecake icing would make a fine treat for their tasetbuds.

For the feast she chose...

Then the Princess comanded that "Everyone come inside and let us enjoy ourselves."

And enjoy ourselves we did!

As the merriment went on for hours and hours the Queen grew exhausted to the point her vision was going....

Thank you everyone for stopping by.


Pageant Mom said...


Love it!!! not your standard run-of-the-mill-pre-gambling-chuck-e-cheese deal!!!

I love everything Oriental - especially Japan (see my latest sort of related blog LOL). Even Giz does an oriental routine for pageants!

raqgold said...

what a lovely birthday party! and the girls sure looked like they had fun -- am showing this post later to my girls. and am sure you could guess what our next birthday party's them would be ;D

Belen said...

Hi! can i come in to your blog site?
Nice to see those angels in japanese costume. Neat and cute arrangement of the food in individual plates. It' wonderful to serve. attractive

Butrfly Garden said...

SO cute! What a great idea for a birthday party!!

MommasWorld said...

belen - Welcome to Mommas World! Of course you can come in...stop by any time!

raqgold - The girls had a BLAST! Unfortuntely they were having so much fun we never got around to cutting that beautiful, delicious cake. Can you believe that? I suppose they were full.

Pageant Mom - Chuck E Cheese would have been a lot less expensive and soooo light on my work load. I am not a fan of the big hairy Rat but these birthday parties are wearing me out he.he.he.

butrfly - It was a combination effort between mother and child. What can I say. Kids have great imaginations.

Drew Watts said...

Super cool Japanese Tea Party Birthday! I enjoyed this post. My niece’s birthday was in last week and we also hosted a Japanese themed bash at one of the local New York Event Venues. All the girls were asked to wear Kimonos and they looked stunning in them.