Thursday, June 28, 2007

TT # 5

This Thursday Thirteen was inspired by Busymom after reading her post over at Careerandkids.

Many Work Away from Home Moms work all year long. We do day dream about lazy summer days with our children but those are usually reserved for weekends only. Our week days are roughly the same no matter what the season. I did come up with a few things that do change for me when Summer comes along…

1. Clothes can be hung outside (hate it but better than standing at attention waiting for the dryer to yell at me “I’m Done!”)

2. No more notes home from school saying Snow White forgot her lunch money today (they break knee caps if you owe a $1.00 or more)

3. No more homework for me! Yes, the children have to do their homework but that means I have to do it too.

4. The school librarian has stopped our weekly phone calls (Her: Snow White has ____ book out and it is due today. Me: Large pocket of Hello Kitty Back Pack - played back via tape recorder.)

5. Summer time night light discovery on night stand. Aww Snow White collected lighting bugs for me how sweet. Closer look Where is the lid ~~runs scream out the door AAAHHH!

6. Winter: Mom where are my sneakers? Summer: Mom where are my sandals?

7. ManSon: Can I go to so and so’s house? Me: Winter - Is the snow shoveled? Summer: Is the lawn mowed?

8. Getting in to the car…Snow White: Winter - My car seat is too cold. Summer - My car seat is too hot

9. Me: Winter - Pup, it isn’t that cold out there go on. Summer - Pup, hurry up. Come inside. I have a treat. It’s time for Mommy to go to work.

10. Really fresh fruit for home made fruit smoothies and other deserts.

11. No need to use the hair dryer after a shower as my hair will be dry by the time I get to work. Love my natural curl. Pup loves this too as he is not blow dried during the summer. (I have a new couch which he makes a Bee line for after a bath)

12. More towels to wash due to pool and sprinklers during the summer

13. Better weather on walks with Pup.


Babystepper said...

Sounds like your summer has its own challenges.

Brillig said...

Yup, no lazy summer days for you! I loved this whole list, but I'm particularly fond of #5. Hahahaha.