Monday, June 25, 2007

Pup Helps With Housework

Even our Pup helps with the housework. He is also a tattle tale. During the evenings he brings me any discarded socks left lying about the house. In doing this he helps make sure all dirty clothes are put in the hampers. Some people cannot get their teenagers to help with the laundry but at our house even the tiny Pup helps out.

Snow White has a tendency to toss off her shoes and peal off her socks as soon as she comes home. The problem is she does not take them off in her bathroom where her laundry hamper is. This is also a problem in the mornings when we search every room in the house looking for her shoes.

Since Pup arrived he finds the socks in various rooms and sometimes clothes left on bathroom floors after someone takes a shower or bath. He then brings them to me and I find the owner of said clothing to put them where they belong, their hamper.

Pup also helps keep the children's rooms cleaned. If he finds a toy or gizmo on the floor he sees it as fair game, up for grabs, any one's toy. This behavior has encouraged everyone to keep their beloved items off the floors.

Should I start giving him an allowance for helping so much with the housework? I wonder what he would spend it on. The only store he is allowed to physically enter is PetSmart. If he starts mowing the lawn and washing the dishes I just might get him an on line shopping account. Well, maybe not, I really do not want dog drool on my keyboard.


Brillig said...

Love this whole post. What a dog! I admit, though, that I was particularly fond of "some people cannot get their teenagers to help with the laundry but at our house even the tiny Pup helps out." (The only other post of yours that I've read--yet! I'm still new!--was your SAHM and WAHM post... that sentence times them together nicely.)

MommasWorld said...

Not really ment as a direct hint to the other blogger but it did cross me as funny when the Pup handed me a sock last night. Our Pup has changed a few things around the house such as the way the rooms are kept and he keeps Snow White on her toes about her socks and shoes.

The other blogger seems happy doing all the house work herself but here in our house everyone pitches in so we can enjoy our time together. I will make a post later about how we do house work. It is a lot of fun if you make it fun.