Saturday, April 07, 2007

Here I am!

Oh my, it has been awhile since I wrote in my blog. I have been traveling a bit, working too much and too many projects going on at once in this house.

I watched most of the History Channel Modern Marvels shows that aired March 8th. I just couldn't stay up late enough to watch all of them. The next morning I was told the show will air on March 28 th, they gave us the wrong date when they first told us. Anyway, Snow White and I said up until 11:00 PM watching the show. She actually found it very interesting. I thought for sure after 15 minutes of the show she would fall asleep in my lap but that was not the case.

We watched to the very end and she said "But Mommy they forgot your part." After thinking it over I realize a lady in a red dress was not so much what they were looking for. The people who actually made the cut looked more appropriate for this piece. I looked professional but a blue pant suit would have been more appropriate for this show. Snow White went through phases of giggling at some parts, squealed in delight when she saw portions from where I work and actual fascination while watching. She has a better understanding of what Mommy does at work and why. That makes me very proud!

My sister on the other hand would like to contact the History Channel for any out-takes with me in them. She is certain there must have been some oops shots or me saying something silly and she wants to see them. Gotta love little sisters don't ya? Yes, I love my little sister. She helps keep the fun rolling along in our lives.

Work has been very busy since we are short staffed two people so I do the best I can to cover my work and the work load of two others...make that one and half others. I am a woman but come on, I need a break sometimes too. While keeping up at work really isn't that difficult I find myself looking off in other directions for distractions. The constant need and constant work is wearing on my poor overloaded brain. Do you want to know how bad it is? Every Monday morning my last dream before I wake is about work. The project I need to finish on Monday, the meetings I will attend on Monday and my boss asking me if my foot hurts. Why would my boss ask if my foot hurts? That will require a post all by it's self which I will post later.

Snow White had a few school projects which required going through our craft supply shelves at home and some glue and scissor supervision. We also decided to do a pageant...I will fill you in on all the be continued...

For now here are a few photos of our Pup! I know it is April but my goodness the weather is crazy. We have an 80 degree day and then bam! Snow...again. I cannot wait until we really have Spring.


Pageant Mom said...

aw puppy is so cute!!! I'm still fighting off the temptation to get gizmo a puppy for her birthday!

I know whatcha mean about busy LOL I'm just getting back myself :o)
My reward for doing a good job at work? AH! More.... WORK!!

Pageant Mom said...

WAIT A MINUTE.... (screeches to halt in a backspin....)

I musta missed that sentence last time...

A pageant???

Do tell!!! (if you need any pointers LOL...)

MommasWorld said...

Yes, you read correctly...I did say pageant. You are so sweet to offer help and I really appreciate it! Unfortunately the pageant was last weekend and I am waiting for photos before making the entry.