Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Puppy Update

Why have I not been on here to update in awhile? I didn’t think I was so busy but apparently too busy to sit down at my computer long enough to type up what we have been up to lately.

Well, as you know we have a new Pup. He has kept me very busy! It’s just like having a toddler in the house. “No, no, no baby. That isn’t for you”. “That’s not your sock, silly baby.” He is loaded with energy and I love it! As soon as I come home from work he runs towards the front door to greet me. He is so happy to see me not only does his little tail wag but so does the rest of him.

After dinner we go in the back yard so he can take care of his “business” next to the one bush at the side of the yard. Then Snow White, Pup and I go for a walk around the neighborhood. I make sure he does his business before the walk because quit frankly I don’t want to get ugly looks from neighbors if he does his business in his yard. Also, I am not going to put it in a plastic bag and carry it around with me for half an hour either.

After our walk we all play with Pup in the family room for an hour or so before starting homework. Then it is time to get Snow White ready for bed and the morning.

It didn’t take as long for the cats and Pup to get to know one another. Kitten has established she is the higher authority of all the pets in the house. Pup is afraid of Kitten, she keeps chasing him around. Not to hurt him, she seems to get a big kick out of chasing a dog. Pup is in the middle since he is afraid of Kitten but not afraid of Merril. Poor Merril, she is the oldest but still acts like a kitten herself. She is a little skittish of Pup. They give each other kisses now which is really sweet. The transition only took about a day or two.

Pup was sleeping in my room through the night but lately he has opted to sleep with Snow White. They are both ready for bed at the same time so to him it just makes sense to sleep with her. Later on in the night when he realizes I am going to be he runs to my room and jumps up on my bed. For such a little guy he can jump pretty high.

Oh, we discovered Pup REALLY likes those silly doggy sweaters! I bought one at PetSmart after reading Yorkies are sensitive to the cold and goodness knows its cold here! He actually picked out the sweater himself. He saw it, grabbed it with his mouth and tried to make a mad dash. He would have too if it weren’t for the leash. I picked out a rain coat and a hoodie jacket (only coat/jacket small enough), a doggy bed, treats, brush and loads of other things. I know it seems ridiculous to put “clothes” on a dog but so what. When we were at home I pulled the sweater out of the bag and Pup seemed to know exactly how to put the darn thing on! I was impressed! He almost jumped through the neck of the sweater and then wiggled his own feet into the front leg holes. He loves that sweater!

He likes his doggy bed but doesn’t get much use out of it. When Pup wasn’t looking Merril jumped in the bed and snuggled herself right in. She now sleeps in it more than Pup! She would never use the cat bed I bought her a few years ago.


The Curmudgeon said...

"Also, I am not going to put it in a plastic bag and carry it around with me for half an hour either."

Although this would discourage purse snatchers....

Lahdeedah said...

I love watching the people walk around with brightly colored plastic bags wrapped around their hand as they walk their little canine friends...

It says... "Good, Fido won't be leaving poop by my tree...."

hee hee who knows, maybe someone will come up with fashionalbe dog poop carriers ha ha ha

Pageant Mom said...

I think the little dogs all dressed up are so cute!!!
And Oh!! kitty looks so much like my dear departed miss priss...

Gizmo so wants a puppy since we are pet-less now, I just haven't made up my mind yet.