Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yeah We Moved!

Yeah the moving company came.
Aw they didn't like my packing job
Yeah they said they would pack the rest
Aw it would be an extra $$$
Yeah the truck is full
Aw they couldn't fit everything in the truck
Yeah they will go back for a second load
Aw that would cost double
Yeah that gave me a good laugh
Aw the truck weighed more than the estimate
Yeah we are almost at the new house
Aw- EEE Gads the total is what??!!
Yeah all the furniture was assembled (included in the original price)
Aw I am sorry but the boxes marked Living Room need to come out of the bedrooms
Yeah the truck is unloaded
Aw you cannot leave until you find one more TV you packed

Buggery Buggery Buggery! I have to do this a second time for the rest of the house. Anyone found the coffee maker? Alarm Clock? Mommies other shoe? Oh the joys of moving.

1 comment:

"D" said...

Hate moving! I totally empathize! I moved cross country twice in 18 months, and included in there is one other move. YUKK. Glad you are safe now and can settle in.