Thursday, October 05, 2006

Found Treasures and Fond Memories

I saw something in the Saturday morning paper that caught my eye. A new toy shop in our little downtown. Our downtown consists of about 5 blocks down Market Street. I just new it was going to be cute boutique style shop. They also advertised someone singing for the kids. I was happy and 2 yr old Snow White would have a ball running about in a toy shop!

I put her in a cute little romper dress, her little red English bowler hat and coat then off we go! We arrived at the toy shop a little bit early so we can browse freely. The toys were wonderful! Not one thing in the store required batteries (yeah!). There were many antique designed wooden toys and toys that required young minds to think.. It wasn’t long before the store started to get packed. I was amazed at how many other parents, just like me, had nothing better to do on a crisp fall morning. Everyone was buzzing about the singer who was coming. Apparently she is quite famous. The shop owner told me this singer was even hired by Material-Girl Modonna for her little girl’s birthday party. I was feeling very out of the loop since I had never heard of this singer. As the crowd thickened I decided we needed a little fresh air.

I looked up and down Market Street which seemed barren with the exception of those gathered in the toy shop. Just then three people walked around a corner. This must be the singer and her friends because they did not look like they were from around here. The smiling lady in the middle had beautiful, shiny auburn curls, wore a long green coat, bright red top and purple paleather, bell bottom pants. I know she was wearing boots but cannot remember what color due to the purple distracting me. She looked great in this outfit that I definitely could not pull off myself. She just had to be the singer from New York. As she came to the front of the shop she stopped to say a cheery hello to Snow White who was awe stricken. We followed them in the shop where she quickly had all the occupants singing, dancing, jumping and making all sorts of animal noises.

After the performance there were a few treats and special discounts on toys. We purchased a few toys and I took photos of Snow White with the singer. A few moms forgot to bring cameras so I took photos for them and emailed them that evening. We had a great time at the shop and on our way out the owner gave us discount coupons for the theater featuring Laurie Berkner whom Snow White nick named the “Song Lady”. All the way home she talked about the Song Lady and could not wait to tell Grandma and Grandpa all the new songs she learned complete with dance steps.

We went to the show the next day in a wonderful old theater downtown. They had everyone in the audience interacting with them. I don’t think we sat down at all during the show. After the show we bought both of the CDs they were selling and of course a t-shirt. Laurie signed the CDs and let me take pictures of her with Snow White. She remembered her from the shop due to her cute little red hat and her beautiful blue eyes.

Just the other day while packing up Snow White’s room in anticipation of our move, I found a forgotten treasure. Her t-shirt from the Laurie Berkner show. The smallest size they had left was a size 5/6 which is the size she wears now. I told her the story about going to see the “Song Lady” since she was too young to remember. She loves hearing stories about when she was little. Of course after that story she was not going to let me pack the t-shirt. She just had to wear that t-shirt today and quickly changed into it. We took a little break from packing to grab a snack and watch a little TV together. Amazing coincidence - guess who was on TV?! You guessed it! Laurie Berkner!


"D" said...

Just heard of Laurie Berkner myself - never heard her, just OF her... sounds like a great performer! It's fun to remind our kids of the treasures they experienced as toddlers!

Suburban Turmoil said...


Just wanted you to know that I really didn't appreciate your saying that my newspaper column might have bordered on slander. First of all, the term is not correct- slander refers to word of mouth, or something that you heard.

Secondly, everything I wrote was true, which makes your comment completely inaccurate as well as personally offensive to me. For one of my regular blog readers to speculate that what I wrote was untrue (particularly when you weren't there and don't know anyone involved) is totally out of line.

MommasWorld said...

I did not mean my comment on your blog to be offensive. My intent was to let you know your post might have been viewed near to slander as you named the group. I was not alone in thinking maybe you should have stuck to generic names. Since there was a very small number of people gathered at the function you attended and you called out the hostess or person who invited you. Given all that, someone let you in and they were recognised as letting the "enemy in." Not that you are a "horible person" but in that post you made and after she might have been an unwilling scarficial lamb.

I enjoy reading your funny blog from time to time myself. When I posted on your blog regarding this topic I thought you went a little too far in naming the group. My definion of slander might have been too harsh.

Don't take offense, just think of it as a diffent opinion. We may not have the same opinion on a topic but might get on wonderfully, parent to parent.