Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's Got To Go

In an attempt to get a few things packed I decided to tackle Snow White's room. My goodness princess has racked up quite a treasure trove. Great toys but way too many for her to ever play with. As I sort through her closet and under her bed she delights in finding a toy she has not seen in a year. We have even found presents that were never opened and toys in their original packaging. There are of course toys that really need to go such as the McDonald's Happy Meal toys. I know someone out there must be collecting these things but not us. As I attempt to chuck some of the unwanted toys my little one jumps up and declares it a treasure!

Who was I kidding when I said it was ok for her to be in the room while I do this. I set up a movie rented from cable (Heidi) fix her a snack and set up a craft on the kitchen table. The movie did not interest her or the crafts so she was back in her room 5 minutes later.

Wish I could find a place other than Goodwill to send our things. We are moving and I have two refrigerator boxes full of stuff from Lord & Taylor (never worn), Gap, Baby Gap (worn once because babies grow too fast) tons of brand name toys...etc. I dont want to work by having a yard sale or go to a consignment shop. I just want it to go..get it out of my house so I don't have to unpack it at the new house. Whenever I find the new house. I have thought about setting the boxes outside with huge letters "FREE STUFF" written on them but would anyone go through the boxes? If I came across a box like this I would just walk on by thinking if it is free it has to be worthless.

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