Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Christmas Look

This may sound silly but I have been thinking of how sparse under the tree will look this year. My children will receive spectacular gifts but due to the cost of each there number will be far less than I am accustom.

I should be excited at the fact I can afford these luxury items for my children. That they will be overjoyed when they open just one of their presents. As shallow as it sounds I love the look of a Christmas tree with a mountain of presents piled up beneath.

I realize presents nor the cost are the point of Christmas. Me, at 40 years old still loves the WOW factor when you first wake up Christmas morning and see overflowing stacks of presents. It makes the whole room look picture perfect…until the children race in. Sure they have that same awe struck moment of WOW. After the presents are opened, wrapping paper strewn about the room and toys, gadgets, gizmos, clothes, etc cover the floor. This sight is not nearly as pretty as the one moments ago.

Has anyone put up their tree yet? I really should pull out our decorations this weekend.

What is your favorite decoration/ornament/centerpiece, etc. of this holiday season?


Whiskeymarie said...

I don't think we're putting up a tree this year, just lights. We aren't home for the big day, and it's just the two of us, so...

I wouldn't worry about the gift thing. If you want more for them to open, just wrap up a bunch of the small stuff, I think. I doubt that years from now, they'll be laying on a shrink's couch saying: "But I only had FOUR gifts to open that Xmas and I was scarred for life!!"

Pageant Mom said...

We had our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. We also have lights strung up in a redneck glowfest that kinda makes me feel like I'm sitting in a tanning bed while I watch tv.

I don't have one favorite item per se, but I especially love putting up all the ornaments the kids have made over the years... Our tree is no decorator's delight, but a testament to holidays past and present - almost all our ornaments were either made by the kids, given as gifts or purchased while on special vacations.

I would not have it any other way!

We did do a small tree on the stair landing in the foyer - with lights and we put a bunch of tiaras Gizmo has collected over the years in it... it's pretty cool really :o) esp since they are a collection of snowman, santa and stars!!! (you gotta love those christmas pageants!)

Canadian flake said...

I have had lights up here for a few weeks and the tree is now up too....I hoped it would cheer me up and put me in the mood. My favourite ornaments are the ones on the tree that the gremlins made or bought for me...they always make me smile.

Jen M. said...

I know what you mean. I like simplifying but worry about what the kids will think.

My favorite ornament is an angel topper made with Bob's grandmother's wedding lace. It was a gift when we married, fifteen Christmases ago.

MommasWorld said...

Aww all of you are so sweet!

WM - I think it is great that you do the lights anyway. I have this silly thing about putting lights up outside. Afraid the snow and ice will get in the cord and leave me with an expensive repair bill. People do it ALL the time and that doesn't happen to them. I thought about the little gifts but the thought of paying for a bunch of items that might go into the "go away box (my form of purging monthly) does not make me happy. I cannot think of small items they need or would want to hold on to for a few years. They are more about the thought that goes into the gift than the cost or the number of presents under the tree. The number of presents is my very own silly issue.

I did think about placing several pointsetas under the tree but we have cats. Anything you can suggest would be appreciated.

MommasWorld said...

Pageant Mom - I think your Tiara Tree sounds wonderful.

Canadian Flake - the children's ornaments are very special.

Jen - hearing that Grandma's lace was on your Christmas tree angel made my heart melt. What a wonderful way to preserve a memory.