Friday, November 16, 2007

Black Friday and Christmas Sales

Holiday shopping oh how I love it!! Today during my lunch hour I decided to visit a few stores just to find the exact locations of the Super Sales items for Saturday morning. Oh My Goodness! The store was holding a Secret Sale today on tomorrows items PLUS so much more! I have signed up for emails of Secret Sales and Weekly Ads for All the major stores I shop at or think might have something on my shopping list.

Thank Goodness I went to the mall during my lunch hour today! I bought my mother a 1.5 ct sapphire with 0.5 ct tw diamonds at a fraction of the regular price!!! (HUGE SAVINGS! HUGE!!) I bought one for my wonderful mother and Santa even had enough to add one in his bag for me. I also bought bracelets for my nieces, sister -in-law, Grammy K and one for Santa’s to put under the tree for me. Since I purchased an obscene number in pieces of jewelry (high volume low comparative cost) the sales woman gave me a discount card , which resembles our library card, for repetitive use from now until mid December. A bonus gift of free Disney toys was also given. Since the toys were very age appropriate for my Ex’s son who would truly LOVE receiving them, will have them under his tree. No, he is not my son but he is a wonderful part of our lives. Super savings on jewelry plus a free gift for someone who would love it is GREAT!

Lesson I learned today, just because the ad says the sale is tomorrow does not mean you should wait until tomorrow to visit the store. A few of the items I purchased were advertised via TV and emails specials for tomorrow morning. If you went to the store today and asked about tomorrows sale items specifically, you were given the sale today! Another way around the secret sales and to get you in their stores shopping before the advertised events.

What has changed for Black Friday this year? Well, a few years ago in Indiana ( I was there at the time) you only received the Black Friday sales flyer from Walmart IF you were already signed up on their mailing list. The sales flyer did not go out in the regular edition of the news paper with all the other store flyers. I was only on there for a 6 month project so, um, no. I was not on the Indian mailing list at my temporary living quarters. Thank goodness my cousin was on the mailing list! Otherwise I would not have found out about the 20” TV for $79, $60 Dirt Devil all in one vacuum cleaner and many, many other items. My cousin’s mother-in-law laughing said “Your poor children.” True, nothing was on sale at super savings that my children wanted. They are just not the type who crave the “Gotta have it now, newest, latest greatest creation of all time, right now.” They want things that no one else usually thinks about wanting for Christmas or for a gift of any kind. Black Friday sales have never assisted me in purchasing their rare requests.

Although Black Friday sales usually have no effect on my children’s wish lists they do come in handy for items other family members wish lists or house hold items I need or want for my own house.

I do have to wonder with each year Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping displays over lap each other more and more. Sales that resemble “Black Friday” special hours and “Super Holiday Savings” sales are now peeking before the normal Black Friday. This year the holiday bargains are more like musical chairs. The music plays, sometimes on TV, sometimes on the internet and sometimes only in the actual store.

Millions of shoppers are preparing for the holiday sales events. I am really loving the idea of finding Super Deals before they normally happen. Mind you, if I find out you saved on a Nintendo DS, Leapster and Bratz Math Game, Princess/Bratz TV or a 19 in dual AV outlet TV and I did not know about it in time I would be pissed….extremely as these are my Black Friday targets. I think I would be so upset by it I might even go so far as to boycott that particular store for a full year. After all, they did not notify me of their sale when I tried so hard to make sure I was on every list possible, so why should I bother with at all with their store?

I wonder how many people will miss the Pre- Black Friday Super Sales. How many of them were actually planning to spend and save before Black Friday this year? I was actually making out a budget to follow the Black Friday sales and not the Pre-Super Sales. This resulted in my missing a few huge sales last weekend and the previous weekend. I was not planning to shop on those weekends nor will I be likely to make the jump start on my Christmas shopping so early next year. The normal path of my monthly bills and my repetitiveness from years and years of Christmas shopping just will not allow me to be sucked into the retailer’s and wholesaler’s who would like to make this a new trend. Extra savings is always nice but where do we draw the line on the calendar to end Christmas Savings accounts and budget for the spending feast which usually happens during that special time of year?


Butrfly Garden said...

That's a really good idea! I've never thought of that.

I've always avoided Black Friday. I HATE crowds and the tales of women being trampled for a Tickle Me Elmo have convinced me that no matter how great the deal, you will pay dearly in other ways.

I turned this around on myself last year and started a new tradition of standing outside the stores on Black Friday. :D Just a ringing' mah bell. haha.

I think I might try your trick, though.

Lahdeedah said...

I'm an online shopper.

Black Friday terrifies me :)

MommasWorld said...

The only thing that scares me about Black Friday is getting stuck in traffic going from one store to the next. What if I don't get there intime to pick up the "very last one" of that item I so wanted to save $50 or so dollars on? he.he.he.

I would shop on line if shipping were free. I have found a few items on line from stores offering free shipping but then found out at "checkout" some of my items did not qualify and it would be soooo much cheaper just to pick it up at the store with or without the sale price.

Any on line shopping tips you have please share with us :-) I am all about saving time and money :-)

Whiskeymarie said...

I get stuck shopping on black Friday in Duluth EVERY STINKING YEAR, thanks to my friends.
I never buy hardly anything and by the end I need a drink (or thirteen) to calm down.

Pageant Mom said...

Here's my secret. Wal Mart. Thanksgiving morning (hey, it's not a religious holiday...!!) Since I'm thrown out of the kitchen anyway and wallyworld is going to be open either way I get up at like 5 am and I have the entire place to myself. I'm back b4 the kids are up and home in time to set the table and watch the thanksgiving day parade. and usually the clerks there are grateful to have someone there to talk to and often I'll get the bored staff to help me pick stuff out!!

Lahdeedah said...

free online shipping is offered at most places for the holiday season. Amazon offers free shipping, you just have to order a certain amount(it's not too outrageous) and not do it last minute.

Amazon also includes target, toys r us and borders, as well as a gazillion other stores.

My new favorite places to go?

also, go to this website rocks. It lists the best deals found on most online websites and you can link directly to them.

Other fave stores of mine... (bags galore) (tons of stuff are shipped free) zappos has tons of stuff, but I only ever buy shoes there. They have shoes to infinity and beyond and I've always gotten them amazingly fast.

My husband loves it's all computer stuff much cheaper than in the stores sometimes with the shipping even. I think you're a techie geek, so you may love as well.

I'm assuming you've been to I love their crew sweaters and everyday casual clothes, plus they have cool outerwear but that can get a bit pricey.

Um, that's about all that comes to mind :)

MommasWorld said...

ok, first I want to know how in the world does Ladeda know I have been to Landsend? I only wear it around the house. They have the most comfy jammies and sweats in the whole wide world along with everything to go with them.

Whiskey Marie - we can have Starbucks at presale and then irish coffees (see plural of coffee) postsale :-)

Pageant Mom - Your Walmart is open Thanksgiving Day? REALLY? I think ours must have been open last Thanksgiving Day since there were so many shoppers scooping up my one and only item I wanted last year. I actually think they picked up that item and wondered around the store for SEVEN hours with it in their carts just to receive the discount.

I would like to believe I might be an avid Black Friday shopper but there is nothing in this world that would tempt me to walk around Walmart for seven whole hours. Well, maybe an unexpected layover with out hotel reservations.

Ladeda - I have visited Overstock but never had any luck with the few things I have searched for. Might give them a try again.

I am going to give all of your suggestions a try! Just the name of some make me think I might find a real bargan.

Canadian flake said...

the sound of "black friday" always scared me...there is nothing like it here because our thanksgiving is on a

Have a great holiday.