Monday, January 07, 2008

The Week Before Christmas

Doing a little bit of catching up....

Monday work, some things went well but some did not. Brownies - the girls painted glass ornaments, had a little party which involved a gift exchange.

Tuesday, technical difficulties all day at work. This was also the day of the company pot luck lunch. I was first to sign up on the sheet. My dish would be pasta salad. This year I would not need to tote around my large crock pot. Lunch time for me now consists of driving ManSon to his job. Before rushing off to pick up ManSon at home I dropped off my pasta salad in party room. To my surprise 4 other people had decided to bring in pasta salads. Oh well, at least they did not all look alike. (copy-cats)

ManSon woke up sore from working the previous day. He could hardly lift his arms let alone get out of bed. He explained that he was going to call in to work and explain his pains. I knew that this was a seasonal job and they would likely let him go for not coming in. When he called they pretty much said come in now or don’t bother to show up again. ManSon was stunned. “Mom, I really liked my job. I mean I really liked it. If I go there and I am not able to work, they would sit me in the corner and I would be Looser Dude.” I tell him that if it were me I would take a few Advil and go anyway. He slumped down and the sad look on his face told me everything. I gave him some Advil and he went back to bed.

Since I did not have to take him to work I decided to finally mail Auntie D’s Christmas present along with her cell phone charger (she left it here on Black Friday). Well, I have been extremely busy lately.

Back to work, then pick up Snow White and do a little shopping. I never seem to have enough time alone to purchase presents. Tonight I was determined to buy a TV for ManSon and hope that Snow White could keep it a secret. I kept it in the back of the van since ManSon always seemed to be around when I had a few minutes to bring it in. My idea was to hide it under the kitchen table. No one eats at the kitchen since the dining room table is bigger.

When we arrive home there was a lot of cooking to be done… 17 chicken legs, 8 chicken breasts and 12 hamburgers. This may sound like it would last awhile but I have teenagers and they have friends. This “vast” amount of food would make a few casseroles, lunches and snacks.

Wednesday was a normal morning. Lunch time came and went home to take ManSon to work. I had explained to him the night before that it was the right thing to do. Either they would let him resume his job or they would tell him how to pick up his last paycheck. In stead of just dropping him off I waited to see what happened. He came out of the office happy. They wanted him to stay on.

He expected someone to yell at him and a few to give him a hard time but no one did. One fellow co-worker did tease him about missing work due to soreness. He was only kidding with him and explained it takes time for your body to adjust. I was extremely happy for ManSon. He so wanted to keep this job even though it is only seasonal.

That night I picked him up and apparently there was a bit of excitement that went on during his day. He always chatters on about how his co-workers carry on such. Tonight was a little different. Someone was caught steeling! From the packages! Apparently a few companies ship ipods and iphones by the truck loads through the facility. Someone was taking a few and stuffing them in their boots or socks or something. They eventually became greedy and started taking boxes and tossing them over the fence to pick up later. They were caught only after two days.

ManSon said he wondered why they had to be searched on their way out rather than their way into the facility. Now he knows. He said, “I don’t understand why they had to steel. They have jobs and everything. It’s Christmas time after all.” I agree with him. I have heard of much stealing and thievery on the news over the past few weeks. People feeling the pressure to have the latest and greatest gifts under the tree. It isn’t even for necessities. Not that it would be ok if it were for necessities. Now they have no job (income), were arrested and sitting in jail awaiting their court dates. They are being sued not only by FedEx but also by the company sending them and the companies who were to received them.

Thursday came and I tried to get everything at work taken care of before my vacation next week. My supervisor would also be off next week and he wanted to make sure to perform my annual review and advise me about the yearly bonus. Just before the meeting the school nurse called.

Apparently they had a second out break of lice in Snow White’s school and unfortunately she had been infected, AGAIN!. At first I freaked out!! This was the second outbreak in a matter of months! I had never heard of such things happening but after all this is the country. Since it was not an emergency I told the nurse I would pick up Snow White in an hour. This would give me time to go through my review without upsetting my supervisor first.

On my way to the meeting I stopped by the IT department to have a little work done on my laptop. This would allow me to work from home. My review went very well! A promotion, raise and a bonus. When he said “If there is anything you ever need, or anything I can ever do for you, just let me know.” I took that opportunity to tell him the school nurse called and asked me to pick up my daughter. I added that IT was already making additions to my laptop which would allow me to continue my work from home. He was pleased to hear I had a solution and happily wished me a Merry Christmas.

Off to school to pick up Snow White and then take ManSon to work. On our way I made a doctors appointment for Snow White. They cannot take her until Monday. Surprisingly, they will be open on Christmas Eve.

Friday I take Snow White to daycare but they wont let her stay due to the lice outbreak at her school. What do I do? I take her to work with me until school opens. School will allow her to attend as long as there is nothing walking around in her hair.

ManSon did not have to be at work until 2 PM today so I attended the Christmas Lunch. Every year the company has a catered lunch of prime rib, potatoes, corn, breads, cheese cake and other deserts. When you are finished they give you a grocery gift card, calendar and a cute little flash light.

I rushed through mine a bit since I had a few projects to finish. I was so engrossed with my work that I almost forgot to take ManSon to work. Before I knew it I was again engrossed in my work and almost forgot to pick up Snow White after School. Due to the holiday and nearly everyone leaving early (most had already left for the day) and Snow White could not return to daycare…well, I left work an hour early.

We went to pick up ManSon at work and had the funniest conversation on the way home. I am not sure how it started but ManSon said something about Mary and Joseph’s last name being Christ. “Because Jesus’ last name is Christ.” Snow White quickly agreed with him. I laughed so hard I cried! I laughed and laughed the whole way home! Eventually ManSon said “Well, if that isn’t his last name then what is it.” This stopped me from laughing briefly to think. I could not think of Mary or Joseph’s last name. When we arrived home everyone went for the Bible. We flipped through different books of the Bible but only saw Mary, mother of Jesus and such. I explained that people did not have last names way back then. “When you mention Jesus everyone knows who you are talking about.” To which ManSon replied “What about Mary Magdalene?” I thought for a moment then I remembered that Magdalene was not her last name it was a description of her “occupation”, prostitute. Christ is also a description meaning Messiah or Savior. I reminded ManSon of the lists of begats - so and so begat so and so then there were the references such as Name son of Name. A simple question turned into a nice Bible lesson. My parents and Auntie D all had a great laugh when I told them the story. Friday night with his friends he asked each of them what they thought was Jesus’ last name? They all thought it was Christ. This lead to a lengthy discussion and the use of a Bible. Not how you would think today’s typical teenagers spent a Friday night.

Saturday Pup wanted to go out at 4 AM! Due to all of his whining I figured he must really need to go so I got up. I set about doing various household chores. When the children woke up I made breakfast and we chatted about this and that. Eventually I started to run down. It was Saturday and there was nothing that had to be taken care of so I did the unthinkable. Something I vaguely remember from years ago. I took a nap!

Later I woke up more tired than before I fell asleep. Why does that happen? Was my body protesting, trying to tell me I need more sleep? I fought the desire to crawl back into bed and resumed my Saturday routine.

Snow White and I went out in search of a new TV for ManSon. Apparently the one I purchased from Walmart was damaged. A two inch wide band of purple and green shows up on the right side of the screen. The very helpful employees of Walmart informed me they have no more of these TVs nor do they expect any more to come in. I will bring the TV in after Christmas for a refund and in the mean time I need to find another TV. ManSon suggested that he be allowed to pick out the new TV and include money of his own to upgrade to the TV of his choice.

After dinner Snow White and I put on our coats and grabbed the gifts for our neighbors. We rang door bells and sang each one a Christmas carol then handed them their gift. It was fun! Well, at first I was a little nervous about singing in front of them but Snow White did not hesitate. Her fearlessness gave me the courage to sing right along with her. She truly enjoyed herself. As she skipped back to our house she gleefully said “Mommy, we made so many people smile tonight. It is a good feeling to make people happy.”

Sunday ManSon had to work today. They held a meeting earlier in the week and decided to work Sunday so they could have off for Christmas Eve. I had completely forgot until he reminded me. This meant we had just enough time to get there.

During the evening I was in the kitchen washing dishes when Snow White came in to ask a question. “Mommy, what would you like for Christmas?” I know exactly what I want for Christmas “I want everyone to be happy, healthy, jumping around laughing. I want to see the wonderful expressions on your faces Christmas morning.”

No Mommy what do you REALLY want?

Honestly honey, that is what I REALLY want.

What about jewelry or a new toy or maybe I don’t know…something fantastic.

I have the greatest kids, a loving family, a dog, a nice house, and a great job.

Oh! I know! I know! What about more money Mommy? That would be a good one.

My boss gave me a raise and a bonus so that is already taken care of. See God has been very good to us. We usually have every thing we need and a lot of what we want.

Really, I already have everything I want. The best part about Christmas Day is seeing everyone’s happy smiling faces. Your happiness give me great joy.

I remember asking my mother the same question, each year. Her answer was the same as mine. When I was a little girl I did not fully believe her. Now, I understood exactly what she meant. I hope my children understand that I truly want their happiness.

Side note Gas was at a high...$2.95 per gallon


3carnations said...

Our gas has made it as high as $3.23 per gallon.

Sounds like a lovely week leading up to Christmas.

Now that I think of it, no one in the bible had last names. If anything, just something to define them "John the Baptist".

Canadian flake said...

gotta loveeeeeeee a good case of lice right before I don't miss those days at all..

MommasWorld said...

Gas went up to $3.19 here last week. Today is Wednesday which means if gas is going up again this week the new price will hit Thursday. I have already filled up my tank.

I have never had to deal with lice before and I am terrified of bugs...