Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hot Flashes? Really?

Last month during my yearly physical, the doctor seemed extremely surprised to find out I still had all my girlie parts. "Does my chart say I am 70 years old or 40?"

Around 2:30 AM I woke up. Why? I was unbelievably HOT! I pushed back my comforter and the blanket. Surely with outside temps going down to 16 degrees tonight I would be ok with just a top sheet right?

An hour later I was still awake. I was still too Hot. Oh my goodness! Could this be what hot flashes are like? Have I reached that “new” plateau in life? But I am only 40 years old. Shouldn’t this happen much, much later? I decide sleep is still necessary so I take a bath to cool off. This should work right? I tossed and turn and the more I thought about the “change of life” the more I worried and the hotter I became.

At 6:30 AM I give up. No point in trying to sleep now. I get up and get everyone else moving. When I let Pup out I was relieved by the burst of freezing air which rushed in the kitchen door. Ok, I cannot stand at the open doorway all morning. I will let all the heat out of the house. I can hear my father’s voice “We’re not paying to heat the whole outdoors.”

On my way out the door I fight the urge to leave the house coatless. As I passed through the living room I sort of glanced at the central air thermostat. Holey Cow! Who set the heat at 80 degrees?! No wonder I was hot!

Instead of yelling at my children I turned the heat back down to 72 and laughed it off. At least it wasn’t the change of life out to screw me up. It was my children making me feel old. Great way to start the day…relieved.


3carnations said...

I probably would have turned it down to 60 degrees to try to counter the increase in my heating bill due to having it up so high. :)

Butrfly Garden said...

HAHAHAHAH. That's great!

My mom is pre-menepausal and she's 42. But from what I know from the ladies at work (in their 50's and 60's) - It Sucks.

Isn't it strange, though, how as we get older we go from being WAY TOO HOT to freezing ALL the time??

Canadian flake said...

I am 41 and grateful that I have yet to experience hot flashes...according to my doctor I am, however, going through early menopause so I guess they could start

Lahdeedah said...

I went through this weird phase where I got all hot out of the blue, and thought they were hot flashes. I don't know WHAT they were, but I started exercising and decided to um, ahem, you know, eat right... and they went away. STILL no idea what they were though.