Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wonderful Home Coming

Whether coming home from a long day or from an extended time away there are sights that warm us all the way to the depths of our heart and soul.

Your husband waiting at the front door with open arms.

Your children rushing from the front door because they cannot wait for you to make those small steps from the car to enter the house.

Your cat or dog sitting in the front window with tails wagging while doing a little happy dance with great anticipation of you opening the front door.

Add to this the site of your own Christmas tree as you pull up in front of your home. Lights shining in an awe inspiring way. Vague shapes and shades of ornaments accenting and mixing into the beautiful glow. Peaceful. Wonderful. A feeling of “this is the season for joy.” Taking a moment to stop and appreciate all who are around you. All that is your family and your life.


3carnations said...

Nice post. I love coming home. Usually I get home about 10 minutes before my husband and son, but I eagerly anticipate their arrival every afternoon. :)

Canadian flake said...

I agree so completely with this post...always nice to feel welcomed and loved isn't it...

PetiteMommy said...

Thanks for the visit & comment. It is a wonderful feeling to come home to so much love and warmth.

Daisy said...

Love the post. I enjoy coming home and seeing the outdoor lights already blinking...we have them on a timer.

Whiskeymarie said...

Lovely post. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, my dear.
I also hope you had time to relax & recharge a bit amidst the hustle and bustle.

Lahdeedah said...


I'm amused because my kids don't do that ;)

My husband just looks exhausted.
The kids look shell shocked.the
The kitchen mysteriously cleaned, while the rest of the house has become armageddon...

Clearly, I haven't left and come back enough :)

Butrfly Garden said...

It ALWAYS makes my day in the darkest part of the year to drive in to a house lit up with Christmas lights. I always feel slightly disappointed when people forget to turn them on. :D

But coming home...always nice.

Missed ya!