Monday, October 08, 2007

Impromptu Vacation

Saturday was like being on vacation but better.

I did not have to pack up the suit cases, fret over what could be the one item I forgot to pack. I did not have to sit through many renditions of the Sponge Bob Songs or hear “he’s touching my side of the seat” or “She’s looking at me again.”

No, all of this was avoided on my impromptu vacation day.

My normal Saturday goes like this…up at the crack of dawn. Feed all the animals so they do not trodden me to death in my bed. Prod children out of bed. Make a big breakfast. Fit in household cleaning chores in between all the rushing about here and there for my children. It has been this way for years and years.

This Saturday morning…I actually slept in! How was this possible? All of the children woke up at their normal time and made their own individual breakfasts. No pets came to jolt me out of bed. Apparently my children fed all the animals.

I lazily laid in bed awake but still enjoying the warm comfort of the heavy blanket in the coolness of the room. Then a telemarketer interrupted my bliss. I let them go with their spiel then said “Hey, thanks for the wake up call. Have a nice day.” It was then I noticed that my bedroom door was shut. It is always open so I do not have to get up 20 times in the middle of the night to let a crying cat or a fuzzy Pup in or out of my room.

I went to check on everyone. Snow White was battling in Majora’s Mask in the family room right outside my bedroom door. She turned the sound off so she would not disturb me. That really impressed me since it seems the sound is really important for playing a video game. ManSon was in his room looking through his books and Oldest Daughter was visiting friends.

All the animals were laying about like they didn’t have a care in the world. A few minutes later Snow White proclaimed she was bored with the video game. I reminded her about the book sets she has not yet read through. She went off to her room and I didn’t see her again until a few hours later.

I decided to dive into the Half Blood Prince which Oldest Daughter kindly lent to me. I had the whole day to lounge around and read. Which I did. The whole day long. I lingered over the book while I ate breakfast peacefully in the dinning room. Later on I lounged on the family room couch in complete comfort, just reading. I eventually ended up in the living room sitting in my favorite chair reading while one of the cats laid at my feet. During the day I would make a few stops in the kitchen for something to snack on or drink. Each time I saw one of my children reading a book and like me rotating from room to room. I like that we can spread out in the house and each have some time to ourselves.

When lunch time came we were each so engrossed in our own books we did not want to leave them. Lunch turned in to “When I’m hungry I will make a sandwich.” Dinner was the same way. No one was hungry at the same time and each insisted they would make their own dinner eventually. This was a really nice break for me!

We let our normal Saturday household chores go for the day since the house seemed pretty well clean already.

Saturday was perfect. I was feeling the great need to get away from it all and head out for a vacation some where. Turns out home is a pretty good place for a vacation.


Worker Mommy said...

Wow, uh could you have your kids talk to mine ?

Yay for you, what total bliss !

Pageant Mom said...

Isn't it nice when that happens?

Maybe it will start a trend now...


MommasWorld said...

It was wonderful! What made it so was the rare occassion of it all.

After writting this post I started thinking about how much my children have grown. It has taken many years to get here and I wouldn't trade any of those years in for all the wonders of the world.

Worker Mommy - find them a book they really enjoy. For the younger set Magic Tree House for adventure with history lessons hidden in each book seems to get Snow White set. I admit to actually reading on after she reads a bit to me and then goes to bed. So far I think the series is nearing #40 as 38 was the last we read.

Pageant Mom - Not sure it will start a trend but would be very happy with once a month to have a Saturday free of traveling or taxi duty.

Butrfly Garden said...

That sounds so nice!! I think the key ingredient to a perfect day like that is LETTING YOURSELF ENJOY IT. Whenever I sit down to read, my brain always fills with "There's laundry to do! Your office is a MESS!" kind of stuff. On the rare occasion that I can just enjoy myself, though, it does feel like I've had a small vacation.

Glad you had such a great weekend!

Canadian flake said...

wow that sounds like heaven on earth to me...sorry the telemarketer woke you though..